Our Workflow

Customers and suppliers

The main customer is Continental Automotive Sibiu, for which we develop equipment to improve production processes.

Other customers: Star Transimission and Star Assembly (Cugir), Siemens (Sibiu), Continental Automotive (Brașov), Simea (Sibiu), PSI Control (Râșnov), Kendrion Automotive (Sibiu).

Suppliers : Florke Production , Pheonix Laser , Plastic PRO , Schneider Electric, Bosch Rexroth, Igus , HIWIN , SICK , Wenglor, Festo, Montech, Flaro Prod. , ANOROM Hunedoara, Fabory.

Products and services

Each product that we offer and provide is designed and developed by our company. Taking as basis the required demands and after drawing the conclusion together with our client, we offer the best solution in terms of technical, productive and ergonomic design.

Our company produces various equipment needed for a production line , for example : Assembly stations, Laser printing stations, Packing stations, Pinchecker stations, Labeling stations, Depaneling stations, Various conveyors / cabinets for storing materials and parts.


For any of our equipment, we offer maintenance and support for certain changes that can improve their performance.


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About us

Talented Designers & Developers

We are a Romanian company founded in 2008, that provides a wide range of products and services for automotive and machine building industry. We create the concepts and designs, machine the parts, assembly them and make the final products.

We can also perform mechanical machining, having the necessary knowledge and equipments such as a milling machine with numerical control ( HAAS TM-3P) , two classic milling machines, turning machines, drilling machines and cutting machines.

We have made major steps in getting results and satisfying our customers by reliability, flexibility and professionalism.


E-mail: office@insp.ro

Telephone/Fax: +40369 444 813

Mobile: +40743696830